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  • Maximaa Storage Division

    • Maximaa Storage successfully delivers an one of its kind – Fully Automated Heavy Duty Racking System.

    • Maximaa Storage doubles its production capacity, brings in high speed delivery machines.

    • Maximaa Storage has traditionally received ISO 9001:2008 certificate for the sixth year..

  • Maximaa Infoways

    • Maximaa Infoways partners with Microsoft to deliver cost effective customizable ERP solutions for its clients.

    • Maximaa Infoways successfully completed its 3rd Implementation of customized Microsoft Navision (ERP).

    • Maximaa Infoways soon to launch a next generation digital visualizing and publishing tool integrated in websites/apps.

    • Maximaa Infoways opens its arms for partnerships across globe.

  • Maximaa Proyurveda

    • GUJ. AYUSH-FDA approves Maximaa Proyurveda’s brand new manufacturing unit in Valsad, Gujarat.

    • Maximaa Proyurveda commences its brand new WHO-GMP Compliant Manufacturing Unit.

    • Maximaa Proyurveda soon to launch its OTC business with 3 very unique products.

    • Maximaa Proyurveda will soon launch an Online Store for you to buy any of its Herbal Products Anytime. Anywhere.

Mr. Manoj Shah, Managing Director: S/o BalubhaiMapara r/o Mumbai, as the creator/founder, he is the driving force behind Maximaa Systems Limited, armed with a post graduate degree in science, his over 25 years of rich and varied experience brings on board a resourcefulness that is refreshing. A dynamic personality possessing sound business acumen and unimaginable grasping power, he has extensive global exposure and is extremely conversant with capital markets and financial management.

Mr. Mayur Shah, Jt. Managing Director : S/o BalubhaiMapara r/o Valsad, Gujarat, as the jt. creator/founder, armed with Master of Commerce, is a first generation entrepreneur, having experience of more than two decades. The daily operations as regards to legal and statutory matters and management of the financial aspects of the Company are his principle subjects.

Mr. Mahesh Shah, Jt. Managing Director: S/o BalubhaiMapara r/o Valsad, Gujarat, as the jt. creator/founder, armed with Chemical Engineer, with great experience in manufacture of steel furniture for more than two decades. He is in charge of the Technical aspects of the Company. He is always keen on visiting various plants manufacturing of similar products so as to improve and stay updated upon the manufacturing aspects of the Company.

Dr. DamavarapuRadha Krishna Reddy (D.R.K. Reddy), Independent Director: S/o Late Sundara Rami Reddy r/o Hyderabad, A.P. He is a model Indian Citizen who has learned Biology on his own, after retiring as superintendent engineer from Andhra Pradesh Govt., and obtained an International Patent on application of Biotechnology to enhance Ayurvedic drugs, with no side effects, to cure the incurable chronic diseases such as Cancer, Arthritis, and Alzheimer's disease etc. He has managed to put the Ayurvedic sciences of INDIA on a pedestal through his invention. He stands as a real role model for the retired officers and individuals in India and for that matter, throughout the world.

Dr. Milan Desai, Independent Director: s/o Mr. Gulabbhai Desai r/o Mumbai, having academic record in the field of medical from G.S. Medical College and KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai, India. He worked as a part time Medical Officer in Reserve Bank of India for 25 years from August 1973 to July 1998 along with private practice but after joining in NABARD as CMO on full time basis, private practice was discontinued. Further he worked on the panel of consultant-ESIS and LIC of India for 25 years. He is currently working with NABARD as Medical Officer on contract basis.

Dr. Malireddy Srinivasulu Reddy: S/o M. Jala Reddy r/o Denver, CO, U.S.A. has since 1982 been the president of American Foods and consulting Labs (ADFAC Labs). He has received a P.H.D. (Food Technology and Bacteriology) from the University of IOWA in 1974 and an M.S. also from the University of IOWA in 1971.Because of his vast experience and superior knowledge in the sphere of Food Technology and Bacteriology, he has received numerous US patents. He has won major awards for his work; authored many a book and research paper; and, has been an esteemed member of various pertinent professional organizations. He is a recipient of outstanding scientist award 2002(Washington D.C) for his scientific contribution to the Food science and Bacteriology.
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